iPhone Launch Details Revealed, New Demo Info

We previously reported the date of June 11th for iPhone’s beginning launch. That date still appears to hold as the beginning of the launch cycle, with Apple providing last-minute launch details at their World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), keynoting on the 11th. Supply channels are expected to begin shipping the device four days later on the 15th. It is still not clear which channels will take stock first, or if iPhone units will be kept in reserve for new customers during the limited launch.

However, AT&T appears to see this as one of the more important events in the decade to lock in new subscribers. AT&T’s mobile division has sent out memos in many markets halting all new vacation requests for sales employees between June 15 and July 15.

In addition, AT&T is working to add an iPhone display to most stores. The display is actually a three foot wide, seven foot tall gigantic iPhone. It is not clear yet if the iPhone display is an actual working model. Sources however have confirmed to PhoneNews.com that Apple has been working on gigantic multi-touch displays in the past, for uses in a “broad range” of applications.

The iPhone display will be in many more AT&T stores than the typical oversized-phone-demo (which are usually reserved for very high-profile locations). It appears Apple’s goal is to get an iPhone demo unit into most AT&T corporate stores. The power drain on these demo units is very large, requiring stores to re-arrange power supplies. In addition, the oversized display units will also feature internet connections via an ethernet port. Ideally, Apple will use this to broadcast updates and new information to every Giant iPhone at once.

However, key information still remains elusive as to the iPhone. Namely, iPhone’s retail pricing breakdown for both new and existing customers.