iPhone: Apple Releases Guidelines for Online and Retail Store Sales

Apple has released a set of guidelines for iPhone sales through the
online and retail Apple Stores:

  • Local Apple Store iPhone stock can be checked online right now.
  • The iPhone will go on sale this Friday, June 29 at 6
    PM local time at Apple® retail stores nationwide.
  • All 164 Apple Stores will close at 2:00PM local time,
    reopen at 6 PM, and remain open until midnight local time.
  • Customers can purchase two iPhones per person on a first
    come, first served basis.
  • All 164 stores will open on Saturday at 9:00AM local time
    to accommodate early iPhone sales and continue through the summer.
  • Beginning Saturday morning, free in-depth workshops will be
    offered throughout the day at all Apple retail stores.
  • Genius Bar support will be provided with One to One
    training. One to One is Apple’s personal training program, and costs $99/year.
  • Online sales of the iPhone will begin at 6:00PM Pacific
    Daylight Time.

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