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22 responses to “Oops: iPhone 3G Cheaper with Early Termination Fee”

  1. Dassin

    AT&T’s ETF is $175, not $200. $25 cheaper yet!

  2. Jeff

    That’s dumb on AT&T’s part.

  3. Leon

    What would stop someone from going into the ATT store and getting it at the 399/499 price point for non upgrades (early upgrades) and then going back in the next day and buying it again to resign up for 2 years the next day ect ect then turn around and sell the phone thats no longer on your account (first iphone) on ebay.

  4. Jordan

    I wouldn’t be surprised if “Surprise! Oh by the way, iPhones now carry a $250+ ETF. Would you like a bag?”.

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  6. beams


  7. me

    And if you pay the early termination fee, don’t suppose they will unlock it for you.

  8. Agnes

    Hey guys! Okay so i want to do this very thing you all are talking about and ive got a question! I just signed up for a family plan and purchased 3 iphones each woth their own contract. Do i have to wait a month before I terminate? The reason I want to terminate right now is bc im going to europe and I bought these as gifts for some family memebers. what happens if i dont wait until a month after?

  9. agnes

    just to add to my other post – im not worried about it working bc i called at&t and they said i can pop in the SIM card from the european carrier for the iphone over there – they will just have to take the SIM lock off which apparently wont be tough.

  10. agnes

    OKay but my real question is about the 30 days and termination of the contract. do I need to wait 30 days or can i terminate now?

  11. juan

    i did call at&t, complain I don’t get 3g neither edge. They checked and the cell tower is 7 miles away from my location. In order to cancel she told me I have to return the iphone. So be aware, you may cancel your plan, pay early termination but they want your iphone back. They will not let you walk away with the iphone and no plan attached to it. That is the way I understood from this ATT rep. And she was very inquisitive, I bet a lot of people trying to get away with a iphone and detached att’s costly data plan.

  12. Ivan Blinov

    Hi guys, i wanna to ask: I need to buy iphone with contract, without contract termination fee – what will they do if i don’t pay for monthly plan. I want to take it to Russia. Will i have any problems with year tax refund in april/march. What the promblems may i get?

  13. Clinton Cronin

    There’s no real reason to do this with the US version of the phone unless you want to stay with AT&T –whose plans aren’t so cheap regardless on prepaid (if that’s what people are going with). Using the turbosim or any other sim-piggyback like solutions to unlock the iPhone (temporarily) are buggy and require you to reboot your phone regularly –it’s some people’s only option when roaming abroad I realize that. The best way to get an iPhone 3g without a contract is to get an unlocked handset from Hong Kong –which come unlocked out of the box.

  14. jovanny

    what if you dont use the service are they still going to charge you the $70 dollars ?????

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  16. rohil


    can some1 please tell me if I cancel the contract after 1 month and pay all the early termination fee. Do i still have to have the data plan ?

    And I believe that the IPhone is mine and not giving back to the store.


  17. Johnnie

    I have a question guys,

    Can a regular at&t customer buy an iphone then after a while say it was stolen and take another one?
    how much would that cost?
    please let me know if u know.

  18. Ben


    I am planing to buy an iPhone (most probably 3GS 16 GB) at the end of June 2010. What are the current deals for iphone? I have heard that there will be a new tech so called 4G will be released soon. I dont know weither this info is correct but I would like to get your opinion from where to buy an iPhone with a good deal (no conctract).