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16 responses to “iPhone 3G Deal Sans Contract Just Got Better”

  1. TB

    No that’s not what SOME have complained about. I happen to agree with people who see how chris p is/was getting paid from that link. I really lost respect for because of it and today you try to sugar coat it. WOW. I love the loop hole but just come out say you will be making a little something for your “research”.

  2. Leon

    Phonenews is NOT non profit. get a clue and stop crying. NO WEBSITE IS. I dont see people complain when they go to MSN or ESPN and get spammed by advertisments or anything else. The website needs to make money just like EVERYONE else. Dont be a B**** and shut the hell up.

  3. celz

    yea what he said… i seriously doubt his great uncle passed away and gave him a cool mill to run a free tech website for the people… and i have no problem with people making money off me when they just honestly saved me some.. and yes in the corporate world this iphone trick is as nice as it gets… so calm down u guys complain so much stop coming here… and if u are going to stay than that link is taking money from a corporate giant that doesnt care about us and putting it to a website we use

  4. SaltyDawg

    Seriously- who cares if it’s a referral link? Does it change anything? Give me a break- these guys are trying to run a business here. This business brings us this website with all this valuable information- paying a staff of reporters. And none of it costs us a dime. So what if he posts a referral link? It’s not hurting us, or costing us anymore money if we use his link. heck, his link actually saves us $50…

    On that note- I’m not seeing the $50 savings. It’s just showing up as $150. Is anyone seeing the extra $50 savings from that link?

  5. TB

    If phonenews would have made this clear from the beginning it wouldnt have been a misunderstanding. I have no problem with chris or phonenews making money. So seriously read what I said before you comment or dont comment at all.

  6. Leon

    Noone needs to run anything by you before they do it. Your not in charge of anything so you get no say.

  7. SaltyDawg

    Is there a limit to that $50 coupon? If I buy 4 of them and put them on a family plan, will I get them all for $100 each? Or will I only get 1 at $100 and the other 3 at $150?

  8. SaltyDawg

    What if I’m not an existing AT&T customer, and I’m signing a new 2 year contract per phone. Will they still consolidate them all on a family plan?

  9. T T

    Is it too late to order now? it’s almost July 11.
    Since you will have to order the phone online and then activate the used iphone.
    Do you have to wait until you get the Tilt through mail before upgrading to the iphone?

  10. Ryan O

    From what I heard, AT&T is requiring the iPhone be returned if you want to cancel your account after the 30 days. They realized months ago that people would try this and have already taken the steps to train their reps. Just give AT&T a call and ask them yourself.