iPhone 2.0 Firmware Blocks Unlocks, Doesn’t Brick (Updated)

PhoneNews.com can confirm that Apple’s final 2.0 firmware will block all current unlocking exploits, including the popular ZiPhone exploit.

Faced with the potential backlash of bricking (damaging) potentially millions of iPhone units however, the company has taken an interesting tactic. Unlocked iPhones will not be “bricked” (or have their cell phone radio disabled). Instead, they will be re-locked to only work on the AT&T network (or the respective carriers abroad on which they were sold).

PhoneNews.com has dissected and created several scenarios with the new 9A240d firmware which leaked yesterday. All of our firmware-flashing scenarios have resulted the same; the updated baseband firmware strips any SIM unlocks locks, but does not brick the device.

There is good news for the hacking community however. The latest tool, PwnageTool, appears to be able to restore iPhone software 1.1.4 as well as re-unlock the device despite the updated firmware. This was to be expected, since PwnageTool is essentially un-blockable by Apple. However, as we previously reported, Apple has blocked PwnageTool from the latest 2.0 builds.

This puts users in a predicament; as it stands now, users must chose between an unlocked iPhone running the older software, and an iPhone running 2.0 software. It remains to be seen if ZiPhone and PwnageTool will be able to meet the latest stake-raising move by Apple.

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Update: Zibri, the author of ZiPhone, has informed us that a new release is in progress that will be able to unlock Apple’s latest beta of iPhone software.

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9 responses to “iPhone 2.0 Firmware Blocks Unlocks, Doesn’t Brick (Updated)”

  1. Zibri

    This article is completely inaccurate.
    My actual beta version of ziphone CAN unlock/activate and jailbreak even the latest beta 2.0 version.

    Go check the screenshots at http://you.ziphone.org

  2. Fahad Khan

    I just hope that the new 2.0 version supports MMS and has video capabilities !!

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  4. Adam

    This is the first correct article i have read in the last 24 hours. Others are referring to their phones as being Bricked which is a bunch of crap, it just restores most to pre-activated state but with 2.0 software.

  5. Arb

    Guys, i have aproblem..i upgraded to a 2.0 version and now its blokced and doesn’t work?? HELP!

  6. Chronoboat

    The people at Apple are total idiots. Version 2.0 blocks Ziphone. Apple puts in their own Apps which are a bunch of crap for about $10 a pop for most. Apple is no doubt getting a cut of all this crap. Steve Jobs is doing a “job” on all of the iphone consumers. Let iPhone users use “Ziphone” and the iPhone will totally blow any other phone in the market away. Jobs can’t figure that out. Jobs is out of touch with what the consumer wants. Dont let Apple fool you, Even some of their Top 25 are getting total trash reviews which means that Apple keeps them in the Top 25 because they get a huge cut of the pie. Did I say Jobs was an idiot yet! Many of the Apps are duplicates. How many different ways can you make a list or keep track of your expanses. Apple totally blocks any kind of cool customization that Ziphone provides. Apple sucks.

  7. Chronoboat

    Steve, You Apple idiot. Dont you know that if you have a phone that can be customized like with Ziphone you will not be able to keep this phone on the shelf. the Ziphone applications make version 2.0 look like kindergarten!! All you can think about is the kick-backs you are getting from all of those developers. Think of the consumer Steve, think of the consumer you idiot.
    Yes that is right the Ziphone applications make Apples Version 2.0 look like kindergarten stuff.