Grand Central Gives Free Incoming to T-Mobile & Alltel

Grand Central is not your typical VoIP service. While having a VoIP component, free ringback tones (that you can upload yourself), and in-call handoffs, their newest feature is sure to draw the ire of Alltel and T-Mobile.

Specifically, their newest feature is to display one number for all incoming calls to a device. Instead of getting an incoming number on Caller ID, you see your Grand Central number. This number can then be added to your Alltel My Circle or T-Mobile myFaves.

The result is absolutely free incoming calls. The two systems check Caller ID numbers against the on-list set of numbers. When they match, the call is not taken out of airtime minutes. Essentially, by having all calls forwarding from a single Caller ID number, all incoming calls become free.

Grand Central

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