Google Threatens Mobile GMaps… Mobile GMaps Fires Back

Google has sent a Cease and Desist demand against Mobile GMaps. Google is demanding that the popular Google Maps for Mobile alternative stop using their servers for mapping data. Google claims it is a violation of their terms of service to access their map data using a tool other than their own.

This is eerily similar to the most-recent action against Mobile GMaps, where Sprint Nextel threatened Mobile GMaps over its ability to use the built-in GPS functionality found in most Sprint and Nextel phones. Sprint normally wants to charge for the ability to use GPS services, especially on modern Sprint PCS phones.

Now, Mobile GMaps has fired back, similar to how they handled the dispute with Sprint. The latest version of Mobile GMaps does not include the default Google Maps URL. However, users simply need to enter as the Map provider.

While Mobile GMaps (as the name implies) started using only Google Maps, Mobile GMaps defends their decision, stating that the application currently supports Yahoo, Microsoft,, and map data natively… and that the need for Mobile GMaps is no longer apparent.