Google Demos Android at I/O Conference

Today in San Francisco during the developer focused I/O conference, Google has demonstrated the further evolution of the Android software platform using a device which features a 528Mhz Qualcomm processor, HSDPA packet data, 128 MB of RAM with 256 MB of flash memory, 3.5″ widescreen touch display with accelerometer, haptic feedback, and sliding QWERTY keyboard along with a much more refined user interface that rivals that of the iPhone.

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Ever since Android was first demonstrated at CES earlier this year, there had been much praise for the software, but the common consensus was that the user interface was unrefined and needed lots of improvement.

Today at the I/O conference Google demonstrated that not only has Android improved in terms of usability, but it has also added many new features sure to delight users of common Google applications.

Beginning with the additions of Street View with an active compass, Google Maps with GPS support and Google Earth, the operating system has also added full gesture control that exceeds that of the iPhone with navigation handled by fingertip gestures.

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