FreeConference Unblocked by Sprint, AT&T, and Qwest

The Internet based teleconference company FreeConference has announced
that Sprint, AT&T, and Qwest Communications have unblocked the
service, effectively restoring services for those users. After
exstensive coverage including our report here,
the FCC received
over 1,000 complaints from customers, and all three companies have
agreed to halt blocking the service for the time being, in a statement
made by FCC
spokeswoman Tamara Lipper.

The CEO of GlobalConference (the company behind FreeConference) Alex
Cory, has
stated the following:

“Blocking access to these services is illegal and unconscionable, We’re
driving millions of dollars in revenues to the
carriers through services like FreeConference. For them to illegally
block these calls and to argue they are losing money is ridiculous. In
fact, carriers, rural telephone companies and FreeConference have been
using this model for years with everyone benefiting.”

Cory added, “It is encouraging that the voice of the consumer has
truly made an impact on this issue. Users understand that these
services are legal, reliable, and
efficient and ultimately are there to give them better choices and add
value to their long distance services.”