5 responses to “Four U.S. Carriers Sued over Patent Infringement”

  1. brandon smith

    Anyone find it interesting that they didn’t bother to sue any of the top three wireless companies? Maybe they chose those with smaller legal teams hoping they would rather settle than go to court. Any thoughts?

  2. Scot Cerullo

    Excellent and insightful point, Brandon, and I bet you’re right!

  3. Fahad Khan

    I know. That’s what I thought as well when I came across the news.

  4. blaze416

    I bet that they wont hold up at all. I didn’t think that you could patent publicly availiable knowlage. Like “Picture phone with caller ID.” I bet they are just seeing how this works out with the smaller carriers just to see if they have a shot at hitting the big 4.

  5. Mike Dano

    This post looks a lot like this story from RCR Wireless News:
    But seems to be posted without attribution.