Forums: Sprint’s Future, Phone Wars, Verizon Upgrading

A quick look at some highlights from the past week on the Forums.

With Sprint posting lower figures and losses of customers, some have begun to question Sprint’s future, and even set up a poll as to who may buy them out.

One staffer posted a rather-popular editorial on competition in the phone industry.

Finally, one Verizon user really wants a Voyager, but really wants to avoid paying full price. As posters pointed out, the options for him aren’t very good.

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13 responses to “Forums: Sprint’s Future, Phone Wars, Verizon Upgrading”

  1. Nextel Accessories

    Sprint is really struggling right now. Very frustrating for employees like me, who see a great product but poor execution by management.

  2. Don Louie

    It’s not one thing either with Sprint they can’t seem to get anything right and that’s not about catching a break almost literally can’t get anything right.

  3. A M

    Here is the problem with Sprint. I am currently employed by a 3rd party retailer selling Sprint phones. My customers come in and complain constantly about the customer service and mind you some of that is just people being people because they cannot get what they want; bet even me as an employee has problems with customer service when I have to call dealer support. Many of the dealer support people are uneducated about what 3rd party retailers can and can not do. There are many times I have to hang up the phone and call back again to try to get someone to help me and I am trying to sell a phone for them. I have even had some of them try to steel a sale from my store by trying to get my customer to buy through tele-sales. Every employee of the dealer support and customer service should be educated on how to deal with their people in a professional manner. More than once we have had customers say they would rather come to us for business than a corperate store because of how rude they have been treated by that store. It used to be the Customer is all ways right, even though I don’t completely agree with that Sprint should be trying their best to keep customers even when customers are rude and iritating. I was man once said “A soft answer turns away wrath.” But to many times the employees explode right along with the customers.

  4. Not telling

    Ok sprint needs to keep up withthe game becuase re other networks have better phone with more variety of colors an accesseries becuase like with the new of rumor 2 and the of banter for alltel, the banter had removiable face plates so u can chang your color, so sprint needs to get a clue and use some common sense!!

  5. >>>>>>

    Ok. Sprint is the best network around by now by the release of 4G. But they don’t have WiMax phones now. The ones coming are Andriods and 4G so sprint won’t accept 2G or 3G. And Sprint is better than AT&T and Verizon.

  6. domenic

    so you think other phones are better because they have more color options? lol, stick with a home phone. sprint has plenty of better technological phones and their coverage is awsome. i could care less about customer service, that’s really only a big deal for people who don’t understand technology or can’t read their contracts properly.

  7. anthro

    Sprint DOES NOT have better phones. Why don’t they offer Touch2?? Or even IPhone? And customer service should be considered a positive experience. It has nothing to do with tech-savy.

  8. kelovaris

    they don’t offer IPhone because it is still under a exclusive rights contract for AT&T last I checked.

  9. anthro

    Ok. They almost got it with the Hero but ‘No VideoCorder!!!!’ Come on I know this is not Sprints fault but it segways into what Nextel Accessories said and kelovaris’s research; POOR EXECUTION by the Sprints Corporate! People need to be fired and eclectic thinking needs to take over. I’m an Archaeologist. I want Great photo resolution, video capabilities and the MOST advanced GPS apps with superior antenna. Is that so much to ask. I can take the language barrier and naive customer service. For their only human.

  10. domenic

    ok, customer service has been a breeze for me with sprint, never had a problem. Plus, if you’re an archaeologist, why are you depending on a phone camera? you should probably use a real one, as well as a real video recorder and a real gps. besides, the hero does have video recording and they do have the touch pro 2.

  11. domenic

    oh, and i’m counting on the tmobile-sprint merger to happen too!

  12. Jordan

    If they had the enV touch or Voyager i would switch to sprint in a heartbeat. All of sprints phones just seem really cheap looking. Att and Verizon pay attention to the style of phones and keeps them up to date with what the public wants. Sprint doesnt, which is one of the reasons sprint is failing right now. It’s not their rates, or even their service. Its their poor choice of phones that appeal to everyone. They seem to only have junk.

  13. neal

    sprint has ok coverage and the phones are ok but i really want to see the i phone 4g on sprint. this would make sense as sprint is the only 4g service rite now. last i heard verizon and atnt are in the beggining stages and t mobile? lol it just now got 3g but i think atnt would be better rite now atleast until sprint can fix its assload of problems