First Images of Sprint Touch Diamond Surface

A member of  Windows Mobile enthusiast board PPCGeeks has posted the first images of the forthcoming HTC Touch Diamond for Sprint.

According to the person that posted these images, the Sprint version is little changed from the current Diamond save for the EVDO Rev. A radio.

The camera is the same 3.2 megapixel unit with autofocus found on the GSM Diamond and features a Sprint customized version of TouchFLO 3D as seen in the images. The device has not passed through FCC approval as of yet, which is quite normal as internal test group devices are placed into circulation long before FCC tests in order for carrier development to refine the device before wide release.

No further details are available at this time.

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6 responses to “First Images of Sprint Touch Diamond Surface”

  1. Kenneth

    Can an EVDO Rev. A radio phone surf and talk at the same time?

  2. Christopher Price

    And no, Sprint has not deployed that sublayer to date. Sprint doesn’t see it as a priority since the network team is busy refining QChat and getting that off the ground. QChat is more important, and also much more difficult to implement.

    … Oh, and they’re busy with WiMAX too.

    I’m not trying to defend or argue that Sprint shouldn’t deploy this. But, Verizon hasn’t either, and Sprint has to prioritize what network technologies get implemented.

  3. taff

    will the sprint diamond have gps simular to the instinct?

  4. taff

    will the sprint diamond have a gps system comparable to the sprint instinct?