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8 responses to “First Images of Sanyo SCP-2700 Surface”

  1. Yankees368

    1x?!?!? why!!1

  2. anon

    So, a crippled knock-off of a Centro? Why bother?

  3. Christopher Price

    Carriers have been asking manufacturers to make non-smartphone versions of their most popular texting-centric smartphones.

    For example, the Samsung Propel is a non-smartphone version of the BlackJack.

    Likewise, Kyocera/Sanyo was probably asked to create a non-smartphone version of the Centro.

    And, why? Because lots of consumers say they want the texting of a smartphone, but without the smartphone complexities.

  4. DP

    Fair enough, Mr. Price, people want QWERTY dumb phones, I can dig that. However, no way you slice it, there is no excuse for a 1xRTT phone in 2009.

  5. Christopher Price

    Perhaps not to the typical reader of, but the continued success of the LG Rumor begs to differ.

    (And yes, the Rumor 2 will be out mid-month, I know).

    The point is that many people just want SMS, Picture Mail, and maybe Sprint Navigator as their highest-end feature. They find Sprint Music Store downright confusing (I can’t blame anyone for that), and they don’t see the value-added nature of Sprint TV. Phone As Modem causes their eyes to cross.

    There is a market for people on the lowest end of the 3G spectrum (market spectrum, that is), and Sprint aims to sell them the cheapest phone they can (that will keep them happy for a 2-year contract period).

  6. Mustang46L

    Yeah Chris is right. I try to sell people on the Rant vs the Rumor every day and many want the Rumor even though for $20 they can get EVDO and all the perks that come with it. All they want is the keyboard.

    What I would like to see is this phone made both ways… a 1xRTT version and a full featured version. Give consumers a choice. Sanyo really needs to do something to get back some US market share. Even their best phones (the Katana Eclipse) don’t sell.. A keyboard is going to help them, but not sure if this one phone will be enough.

  7. anon

    Sanyos don’t sell because they release new phone after new phone with the same features as last year and slightly updated cosmetics, all while overpricing it by about $50- 100.

    They used to be a feature leader. The last two or three years it’s just been a follower. Not at all surprising that they’ve been consumed by Kyocera.

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