2 responses to “FCC Reveals Helio Ocean 2 As The Pantech OZII Dual-Slider”

  1. k

    Any better pics available…that basically looks just a little slicker than the old one. Also what does it feature that the old one doesnt? To me it looks just like the old one only a bit better. Sooooooo what would want to make me want to buy this phone instead of the iphone?

  2. Sunil

    Hello I’m not seeing all the photos of the the pantech ozii. They say it is a dual slider but so far I’m seeing it can show the numeric key pad. where is the qwerty keyboard in it. Together with all its feature & specifications? All need to know if it has ie; to do list, calenda etc. And most important I live outside the U.S.A. if I’m allowed to purchase one through mail ? If you ALL like this product. You all need to Properly describe this phone product in order to get a HUGE response from ALL…