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7 responses to “FCC Appoves Samsung InstinctQ M900”

  1. Don Louie

    Man I hope that it really does have qchat, making it one of the most powerful and functional smartphones to date

  2. Jeff

    Instinct = FAIL

  3. DP

    Thanks for that rousing contribution…

  4. Jeff

    Ok… try this one: buyer beware.

  5. Jose


  6. Don Louie

    I can attest to the fail lure around but I got one at launch and only lasted 3 weeks because of bugs but the phone has been out 15 months with a true successor on the horizon. This is an offshoot in the smartphone vein so let it come out before it’s deemed a failure and by the way I see plenty of the originals and s30’s in my travels. If the Q really does have ptt then I’m all in

  7. rob

    why such a hype about the ptt?
    the sprint version still olny runs when you are in a 3g map, why have we put that in the convo of this phone?
    This “IQ” is an amazing new phone as well as lets mention the fact tat you can back it on a $70 package as well as it being a 4g capiable device!
    ptt was a sulution to companys not wanting to dal with min problems now they dont have to and eventually we will probiably just be completely unlimited mins and your price willdiffer on data packages!!!

    please do some research as well the instinct (1) was a groundbreaking phone for sprint it was the first of its kind and its been developing a trend that noticably has become a standard!!
    this one and the instinctHD are great phones!