Ericsson Keeps Dabbling Back to CDMA as SE Meltdown Approaches

Two stories here, but they are related

SonyEricsson may have closed down their CDMA R&D labs in the U.S. but Ericsson sure hasn’t. Ericsson just tested its latest 1xEV-DV (Sprint’s next network) technology and publicly boasted this. That’s big from a company that signed off on SonyEricsson’s pullout of CDMA2000.

And, here’s the next part. Sony appears to be getting back into the mobile phone industry, sans SonyEricsson. The company has now released details that its next game system, the PlayStation Portable (PSP) will also function as a cell phone. Don’t bet on SonyEricsson getting within 10 miles of that device.

The good news is for Sprint. If SonyEricsson was to breakup (as many have speculated the #5 carrier will do), then most of SE’s design assets (the cool phones, and cool technology) would return to its original creator, Ericsson. And with Ericsson becoming very favorable to 1xEV-DV, Ericsson and Sprint may have a bright future ahead…