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8 responses to “Editorial: The Cost of Telecom, Sprint Below $4”

  1. D

    good one. i did the same you can’t beat that price and it will go up again sometime it did 3 years ago.

  2. Daniel

    If Sprint can sell off Nextel and remain in the $ 4 range, it would leave itself as a very attractive piece of property for a larger telco, cable co or group of private investors to scoop up.

  3. Daniel H.

    Hey Chris – total aside, but when is that $20 data editorial/article coming?

  4. Digg Dude
  5. Daniel H.

    Well, whenever you get it going, I’ll be looking forward to it. If you need help in any way, I’m glad to participate. Always appreciate your writing.

    Thanks for responding to my comment at 4AM, haha.

  6. Mustang46L

    Too early. I might consider an after hours purchase tonight. We’ll see where we go today though. Sprint might get down to the $2.50 range.

  7. cj

    $3.55 as of 10/20. in a year or so they will be giving shares away