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One response to “Nokia Sells HERE Maps – Now The Tough Decisions Begin”

  1. Nguyen Dinh

    Well personally I hope that Nokia will refrain from trying to become a smartphone company, Alcatel was a huge name in Europe and if you would’ve asked someone for a good and durable telephone back in the day they would’ve pointed at Alcatel, but after that Chinese company destroyed their reputation by solely depending on consumer’s love for the brand no one likes “Alcatel” anymore, the same will go for Nokia, you incorrectly said that Nokia still has their designers, this is not true, they have the non-phone related researchers, but all design patents were sold off to Microsoft (Nokia still holds the technology patents though), which means that if you see ANYTHING that even remotely SMELLS OF Nokia in the market is either made or licensed by Microsoft Mobile Oy.

    The real question isn’t if Nokia will return (they will, unfortunately), but the real question is what do consumers really love? Do they love Nokia phones (that simply carry the name and don’t care if it’s a lousy iPhone copy)? or do they love “Nokia” phones? (telephones made by the designers in Espoo who now work for Microsoft, and though Nadella fired most manufacturing staff, he kept almost all engineers) I think that the best thing Nokia can do is focus on their networking business, it would be a shame to see people associate the Nokia legend with basically the “dime a dozen” models akin to the Nokia N1 Android tablet-PC, today marks the end of an era, everything that ever was Nokia is no longer at Nokia, the telephones are at Microsoft, and tha Maps are going to Germany, Nokia should find profits in a new market, big name smartphone makers like HTC and LG are struggling really hard, it would be sad to see Nokia suffering the same fate.