Dopod Insults HTC Users, Updates their P3600 to WM6 (Updated)

Dopod, a subsidiary of HTC, has created a bit of upgrade flux in the Windows Mobile community. Dopod today announced that their version of the HTC Trinity P3600, the D810, will receive an upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.

HTC however has said that their version of the Trinity, the P3600 itself, will not receive such an upgrade.

The P3600 was thought to be a hot commodity for American consumers. While not directly sold in the USA, the P3600 is the only device on the planet to support tri-band UMTS (UMTS 850/1900/2100) as well as carrying a built-in GPS module. However, interest in the device has since become ice cold knowing that the three-month-old device wouldn’t be getting the latest upgrade.

HTC has declined several requests for comment from as to why the P3600 was not included in the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade wave. Requests have been sent for comment to HTC, we will follow-up if they choose to stop ignoring their customers, and the media. HTC has also refused to comment on a petition that has received over 1,200 signatures, asking HTC to release a Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the P3600.

Update: HTC has responded to our requests for comments. HTC currently cites the broad availability of the P3600, in 10 European localizations alone, as having a much higher burden to release Windows Mobile 6 on the device. Dopod however has released only one variant of the D810, and thus HTC says it is easier to add Windows Mobile 6 to the device.

However, HTC did add that they are still tweaking their upgrade program, so if you are undecided about importing a P3600, now’s the time to sign that petition and let HTC know you want it updated.

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