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2 responses to “Dev-Team Releases 3.1.2 PwnageTool for iPhone”

  1. JJ

    Windows is the most powerful OS out there. For now. You can do so much with it like sawltydog was explaining. Since the latest iphone came out my windows mobile phone has done more then my friends iphone. Even then to get the full benefit out of the iphone you have to jailbreak it. The only problem with windows mobile is stability and finger friendliness. Android has a chance to get above windows mobile. But as of now windows mobile phones are more powerful and can do more. If windows 6.5 increases stability on windows phones this is going to make windows phone even more appealing. I myself was going to switch to android but I can’t since sprint is forcing me off my great plan. I would rather use wm and have a great priced plan.

  2. JJ

    **sorry-wrong post