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4 responses to “CTIA: Opera to Offer Mini 4.2 on Virgin Mobile April 14th”

  1. Melissa E.

    It’s actually already been available. Now they’re just making it official.

  2. Christopher Price

    Not exactly. Opera Mini was released for Helio devices, which Virgin Mobile now owns… but this announcement is for standard Virgin Mobile phones.

    The Helio release was largely unpromoted, mostly due to the fact that you could hack it into the device easily… which prompted Helio to give up and embrace the platform.

  3. Melissa E.

    Actually, it’s true. I had Opera mini on my Samsung Slash and many other people have downloaded it (just check out

  4. Christopher Price

    Yes, but that was unsupported and unreliable. Like on Helio, this is will now be official, updated, and supported.