CTIA: All the Windows Mobile Phones in HD

We have photos of all the upcoming Windows Mobile phones, and all in high definition. Click read more to see in more detail than anywhere else.


The Sprint Touch Diamond was on show, but we also snuck a few shots of the Sprint Touch Pro… not on the show floor. Aside from the technical differences of CDMA, and the memory card changes, we did notice the silver side paneling, which makes the two devices look even closer to the iPhone. The Verizon variants were not on display, as Verizon has yet to make an official announcement.


In addition, HTC also showed off the standard Touch Diamond and Touch Pro, both of which are slated to be released in the United States as well. AT&T has already re-branded the Touch Diamond as the AT&T Fuze ahead of its launch.



Palm only had on display the Treo Pro, now available for pre-order.


Toshiba is a first to show off at CTIA. The Protege G810 could potentially be released in the United States, ushering a long-awaited return to Toshiba PDA devices in North America.

Velocity Mobile

Velocity Mobile also was a newcomer to officially showing off devices. The 83, is the first slated for launch in the United States.


TechFaith brings the newcomer count to three this year. While offering reference and knock-off designs, the Vista 850 is their first device directly targeted to consumers. It is a basic Windows Mobile Standard smartphone.

PCD / UTStarcom

The SMT5700 appears to have been cancelled for AT&T. The demo units on show were not available in English. It appears that UTStarcom has re-positioned the EDGE-only smartphone for release in South America. We’ve covered the device for over two years, but it appears that the lack of 3G, and several delays, have killed the device off in the United States.

While PCD has been spun off from UTStarcom, the device is still carrying the old branding…

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6 responses to “CTIA: All the Windows Mobile Phones in HD”

  1. Spectre

    Is HD the new buzzword for decent resolution photographs these days?

    Remember when it used to be called ‘high res’?

  2. Tim

    I thought the FM radio was stripped from the Sprint version?

  3. Tim

    I wasn’t counting on it, but that Sprint flyer says “FM Radio”.

  4. David

    Hm i wonder whose job it was to create those cards because they also only list the diamond as having 192mb of ram instead of 256mb plus 32mb of additional ram for video