Cricket Opens Motorola Evoke Page

ImageCricket has opened a product page for its version of the Motorola Evoke QA4 multimedia slider.

The phone features a WQVGA resolution touchscreen display, a Linux based operating system, triband CDMA access with EVDO data, HTML browser, microSDHC expansion slot, media player, 2.0 megapixel camera with video recorder, GPS support, Bluetooth with stereo audio support and speakerphone.

No availability is specified, but pricing for the phone is set at $299.99 after new activation and $15 data plan requirement before an additional $20 instant online discount, bringing the total to $279.99.

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3 responses to “Cricket Opens Motorola Evoke Page”

  1. Jenny with Cricket Wireless

    The real savings is the no-contract monthly unlimited plan. At only $65/mo you can surf the web to your heart’s content and not have to worry about extra charges or how many megabites of information you’ve checked out during the month. We love helping consumers take control of their cellular and mobile web billing and think that this is a real value in the marketplace!

  2. Joseph

    Jenny has a real good point here. As a matter of fact, in select markets (mine included) just for $60 I have an unlimited no-contract plan. And with the already included premium extended coverage, this is a really excellent value in the marketplace. All that with FULL HTML BROWSING?!! Can’t wait to get my Evoke.

  3. sdsd

    this phone has major flaws it cant recieve mms messages or ever use flash player EVER! it freezes almost everytime ur on the internet and crickets customer service is ******** they suck