CompUSA Selling Incompatible Phones

National electronics retailer CompUSA may be in hot water for retailing phones that don’t fully work in the United States.

Recently, CompUSA began selling so-called unlocked phones, or phones that are compatible with any network that the device supports. However, some of the devices being sold are not fully compatible with U.S. networks.

The greatest culprit of this is the Motorola V3x. CompUSA is selling the Motorola V3x for $399.99, and claims that is supports Video Calling. However, because the device does not support American UMTS Frequencies, the device cannot make a video call in the United States, ever.

CompUSA apparently makes no warning to consumers that some features may not be supported in the United States, the retail advertising promotes features that simply do not, can not, and never will work on American networks.