Cingular Offering Non-Existant Plan Online

PCS Intel has confirmed Cingular is offering a plan on their web site which does not actually exist.

Go to and add a Cingular 2125 or 3125 smartphone to your account. Then, you will be taken to Plans. Note the pop-up that says that you can click on the data tab, and pick a data plan without a voice plan.

Click on over to the Data tab. Add the SmartPhone Connect Unlimited plan to your cart. You can then check out with the data-only plan.

The problem is, this plan does not exist as a data-only plan. We ordered the phone, suspecting such a plan did not exist. When we received the phone, Cingular customer service representatives informed PCS Intel that the plan online is being offered in-error. Customer Service was not able to explain why the plan, which is actually only offered as a data add-on, is being offered online as a data-only plan.

What’s wrong with this picture? The plans above aren’t available standalone, as they are shown above.

The only data-only plan Cingular offers for smartphones is the $29.99 SmartPhone Connect, which tosses 1,000 SMS messages into the mix. Cingular Media Relations has a long standing policy of not commenting to PCS Intel.

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