Cingular Launches Google Earth Integration

Cingular this week quietly updated its Store Locator page with a new feature integrating the popular Google Earth program. The plug-in (actually a standard KML file) provides up-to-date searching and display of all Cingular stores.

Another advantage of the Google Earth plug-in is that it only displays Cingular-owned stores, and not third-party stores. The standard online Cingular store locator makes no distinction between corporate-owned and third-party indirect retailers, often labeling both as “Cingular Wireless Stores”. The Cingular Google Earth plugin gives savvy users the ability to filter out third-party indirect retailers when attempting to find a store.

Each Cingular store is labeled with the Cingular splat, and provides the address and phone number of each store. The 84 KB KML file is available from Cingular’s web site at the link below.

Google Earth – Cingular Wireless