Cingular Launches Consumer 7130e, Sprint Launches Giant 7520

Cingular today launched the consumer version of the RIM BlackBerry 7130c. The 7130c also launched today with a new, consumer-focused BlackBerry data plan. The new BlackBerry Personal Plan offers unlimited data and email for $29.99 a month, but does include access to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for push email. The plan, like other BlackBerry special BlackBerry plans, requires a voice plan in order to subscribe to.

The 7130c will be available shortly from Cingular for $199.99 after rebate with new two-year agreement. Read more for high-resolution images of the BlackBerry 7130c.

Sprint this week also launched a promotional BlackBerry; a giant version of the BlackBerry 7520.

The BlackBerry is fully functional, including scroll wheel and keyboard. The first one deployed so far is located at Sprint Central inside the Las Vegas Convention Center Monorail Station. Read more for more pictures of the demo unit.

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