Cingular Forces Users Off Grandfathered AT&T Unlimited Plan

When AT&T Wireless launched GSM on their network, they did so with their Charter Plans. These were plans that offered unprecedented price-points for customers. The highest-tier plan was a $99.99 plan that offered unlimited talk time.

Since the plans were discontinued, customers holding onto those plans have fought literally for years to maintain them. AT&T Wireless said when launching the plans that customers would have to renew their contracts constantly, being without a contract would allow AT&T Wireless to strip customers from their coveted plans.

However, Cingular effective next month will end this. Customers on the $99.99 Charter Plan will be switched to a $149.99 plan offering only 4000 minutes, as of their July bill. Customers will be released from their contracts should they chose to object this forced plan change. This plan change will leave customers on the “Blue” side of Cingular, and customers will not be forced to purchase a new handset.

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