Cingular Completes AT&T Wireless Integration

Cingular today announced that they have completed the process of integrating the GSM network from AT&T Wireless into the Cingular network. The process, known in the industry simply as Network Integration, required re-setting over 47,000 cell sites, as well as developing new core network technology to ease the transition.

While Cingular had developed such extreme technologies as ENS, which requires a new SIM card, most such technology turned out to be unnecessary, load-balancing between the two networks was sufficient. Now that the transition is complete, all customers on AT&T Wireless and Cingular can now enjoy coverage controlled by one single source.

Upon the completion of Network Integration, Cingular also announced that they have added UMTS/HSDPA coverage in several areas, bringing the total areas covered to 44 major metropolitan areas.

Cingular Press Release