Calling All Phone Experts!

We’re looking for some really savvy phone users with a little bit of wiki editing skills.

See, we have the Phone Encyclopedia, and anyone can edit it. But, we want some people to take a bit more of a moderator position… and stake claim of authority over a particular manufacturer of phones.

So, to that end, we’ve detailed the task on a new forum thread. If you’re interested, just get in touch with us.

Christopher Price is the Founding Editor of Today, he leads the team building Console, Inc. - a new kind of Androidâ„¢ device. He still likes to pontificate... a lot. You can visit his personal blog at

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One response to “Calling All Phone Experts!”

  1. Michael Salas

    I am a phone geek in the real world. I work for a beer distributor as a Chain analyst and have seen a number of positions for this company. We use Sprint as our carrier and receive a number phones including entry and mid level to smart and pda style phones. I currently use a Mogul, V9m and Sanyo 8400.
    What i can contribute is tips and tricks from a user who is truely mobile and how different phones have their pluses and minuses in a physically demanding atmosphere. We put most of our phones thru a true rugged test. Everyone here is very vocal about the phones they use so i hear alot of feedback on even devices I do not use.
    I can also contribute feedback as a mediator between a non-phone savvy group to a phone savvy audience. This could offer an entirely different insight to the phone world.