Business Connect Changes *Updated*

Update by hatoncat: We reported on this earlier, this appears to be Sprint detailing the new changes in the recent update to Business Connection.

Sprint has planned to add many upcomming changes to the PCS Business Connect Software.

Highlights of the enhancements to PCS Business Connection include:

  • the ability to open and view attachments;
  • a client for Pocket PC devices that provides two-way wireless synchronization of corporate email with Pocket Outlook, enabling one-touch access to email, personal and corporate contacts;
  • a Palm client for the new PCS VisionSM Smart Device TreoTM 600 by HandspringTM enabling “push e-mail” synchronization and offline access capabilities;
  • access to multiple inboxes on a single device including one corporate mailbox and up to two Internet-based mailboxes;
  • full POP3 support to enable access to personal e-mail accounts such as Yahoo! and Earthlink;
  • the ability to automatically detect and install software updates for future product enhancements over the air; and
  • background synchronization so users can access other Palm applications such as their calendar or contacts while their device is synching.