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3 responses to “Boost Mobile to Phase Out CDMA, Push iDEN Once Again”

  1. joe Wilbertson

    Forgive me for this but in the Los Angeles Area, Boost Iden phones need improvement! It takes an average of 5 mins to receive a text message. I waited 22 mins once for a text message! How do you like that? I have the booth the CDMA BOOST & IDEN BOOST.. and cdma’s service is better! always have bars! Up and down california.. I have bars with the CDMA phone! I’m a little dissapointed with the boost iden phones! I call boost mobile customer service and they are in no way shape of form trained to take any time of tech or trouble shooting calls. They try to get you off the phone, and lie that a tower is down. So far i’m not impressed with IDEN phones from Boost! CDMA SHOULD HAVE CHIRP! or if boost would have an unlimited plan for it’s cdma customers.. Promote both! why phase out the reliable service!

  2. Mike Freeman

    Consider yourself lucky. Boost iden texts have been known to take HOURS and even DAYS. Minutes is actually good for them. If you want fast/reliable texting on a Sprint prepaid, go with Virgin Mobile (even they have the occasional failed text issue though) or the to be revived Boost cdma (which has EXCELLENT texting, I used them for 18 months with NO problems and fast). Boost/iden is NOT made for texting. For walkie talkie it is unbeatable but for text it’s unbearable. I don’t know why they even bothered with the Clutch . A text phone on a difficult to text network? That’s like a vegetarian going to an all you can eat meat buffet. What’s the point?

  3. joe

    Why dont boost and sprint comeout with cdma with chirp? thats one to think about? how about combineing the two services togatherr