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16 responses to “BlackBerry 8350i Pricing and Availability Information Surfaces”

  1. Christopher Price

    While the 8350i supports WiDEN, it is no longer active on Sprint towers.

  2. mendo

    if they have this already to go, they should start selling the 8350i now and stop playing around.

  3. Louienyc

    Why bother paying all this money and sink yourself into a contract when iDEN probably won’t be around a few years from now? Iden internet is slow anyway. Sprint can keep their phones.

  4. chris

    Sprint is spending money on upgrading IDEN and the business applications alone will keep IDEN around for many many years.

  5. dan

    iDEN will be around for a while, at least another three to five years, probably until about 2012- 2015. This phone will go through its life cycle well before iDEN goes away.

  6. Baylink

    It doesn’t do EV-DO?

    If it doesn’t do EV-DO and tether, it’s dead in the water. Dan Hesse, do you actually have the first clue what you’re doing?

  7. ThaProphet

    Hence Wifi….this phones killin 3 g if you do tha knowledge on tha specs.

  8. Baylink

    Well, thass great, ThaProphet.

    It doesn’t give me what I need, but it’s great. Thanks.

    We’ve been Nextel subs for 8 years, but if they’ve screwed this one up, we’re jumping ship.

  9. helen

    well, its dec 1st and still no sign of the curve 8350i. any new info on the release date??

  10. Kristi

    Release date was bumped up to 12-15-08

  11. Mark

    Just ordered it on-line. $150 before $100 rebate at upgrade pricing for me.

  12. helen

    whoo-hooo!!! just ordered mine as well… 150 with 2 year contract (this is after the 100 mail in rebate)

  13. Mark

    I’ve heard $150 after rebate from colleagues as well. I’m the account admin for a medium-sized business account, so maybe that’s why mine was $50 after rebate? I’m certainly not going to argue!

  14. helen

    hahaha, must be nice! hey, when u check your order status, are you getting any kind of a backorder memo? my goodness, like the last 3 delays in releasing werent enough, now theyre telling me the phone is on backorder…. argh!

  15. dj a-l
  16. helen

    is anyone having any problems with texting on their new curve? i have to keep turning the radio on and off and resending my service books because after a day or two, my phone stops receiving messages and then eventually wont let me send them either (until i a. re-download services books and b.reset my radio.)
    let me know if anyone else is having any problems!!!