Bitpim 0.9.09 Available

Bitpim has released version 0.9.09, the changes to 0.9.09 include…

*Bug fix: Adding mp3 ringtones crashes BitPim (LG-VX8300)
*Windows: Fixed issue where BitPim would silently fail if My Documents didn’t exist (eg on an external USB drive that isn’t plugged in).
*Sanyo phones: Read “Sent” messages as well received messages when reading SMS.
*Add auto-detection for newer Sanyo phones (SCP-3100, SCP-6600, and MM-7500) and Bell SCP-8100.
*Bug fix: Timezone issues with Samsung A930/A950 calendar events.
*Sanyo SCP-6600 (Katana): Reading the phonebook now supported.
*Bug fix: bad BREW file date crashes BitPim.
*New feature: Added Splash Screen Time duration to the Config Dialog.
*New feature: Calendar Import Preset.

Download Bitpim 0.9.09 Here