BitPim 0.9.08 Announced

BitPim today announced the availability of BitPim 0.9.08. The update to the popular phone access software adds support for the Sanyo MM-5600 on Sprint, as well as improves support for several other phones. Below is a full change list.

Added Sanyo MM-5600 support.
Show libusb device Product ID and Vendor ID in the Comm Port Settings dialog.
Handled media unicode file names for the LG-VX8300/VX8500.
Clarified phonebook writing error message.
Fixed deleting nonexisting media files bug (LG-VX8100).
Fixed iCal import DTEND property.
Fixed support for adding 3g2 video files.
Added the Replace All and Merge options to the Contacts Import dialog.
Support for Telus SPH-A840, phonebook and calendar only, added.
Sanyo SPH-6600 (Katana): Phonebook and wallpaper/ringtone writing not supported. Camera images read with wallpaper.
Added file infor support for WMA file type.
For LG VX phones: ignore invalid calendar events read from phones.
Added the capability to export BitPim calendar data to iCalendar format.
Improved display of non-recurrent calendar events that span more than 1 day.
Added an option to reformat contact names during the contact import process.
Bug fix: BitPim crashed due to corrupted config file.
Bug fix: BitPim crashed due to corrupted Call History file.
Bug fix: Bad phone contact entry crashes BitPim.
For Sprint Samsung phones, include location in event name.
New feature: display calendar events inside a Tool Tip window.
New feature: copy/paste of SMS text to the clipboard.
Bug workaround: Unicode characters crash CSV contact export.

BitPim 0.9.08