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7 responses to “Best Buy Puts iPhone On Sale at $10 Below MSRP”

  1. Barb

    I love Best Buy!!! They are the greatest!!! The people that work there also add to what makes the store soooo special. They are really helpful, honest and take alot of time with you . Anytime I went to Best Buy I was never disappointed with anthing! (which includes Service, products, cost ) No hassles with this store in exchanging items or anything. I buy everything I could at Best Buy. I love the Geeks too!!! Their great.

  2. JC

    Do you work for Best Buy?? Sure sounds like you’re trying hard to promote the company. I hate to burst your bubble but Best Buy’s in my area suck. Mainly their customer service.

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  4. Mustang46L

    Yeah, I love Best Buy, but the ones here suck. Around here they are small and have shit for brains employees. I can’t wait to move.

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  6. Brianna

    Hi I want to know how much money is the cheapest iPhone for girls and is not old or garbage

  7. acajah

    i love best buy but they beter not be lieing about this deal