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9 responses to “AT&T Trials New GoPhone Pick Your Plan Selection: More Expensive, Even Less Value”

  1. JB

    Prepaid customers are definitely not valued and from the look of these plans they are also not believed to be wise consumers.

  2. Benjamin

    Is it me or is AT&T becoming the big oil of wireless providers. They are taking away any opportunity for anyone to use their service at a fair price without being sucked into a 2 year contract. Even Verizon lets you set up service with an existing Verizon phone obtained through ebay or a friend for example, or by purchasing a phone at full price without any contract.

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  6. scott diener

    ATT is NOT #1 anymore

    Verizon wireless has aquired alltel which gives verison more then 80 milllion

    Sorry att hahahahaha

  7. Joe Lawson

    The problem with Verizon is they don’t use sim cards – thats a scam and it makes it hard to update phones without being with them on contract – would not use Verizon

  8. Christopher Price

    Joe, I don’t see how using SIM cards makes it hard to “update” phones.

    If you mean a software update, that has no difference. Even things like the roaming files are updated automatically on CDMA providers.

    You can swap phones online, and now Verizon even lets you activate the new phone just by calling *228 (no call to customer service either). You don’t even need to have the old phone with you. That makes it easier than a SIM card as far as I can tell.

  9. Benjamin

    I used the new update option 3 through *228 in October to swap phones and was successful. I had one minor glitch as the voice portion set up correctly however I was unable to use anything involving data until I called back to *228 and used option 1 though I have been told by a friend who workes for Verizon that this has been fixed. Still even with having to make 2 calls I was able to swap without no interaction with customer service.