AT&T to Reorganize Data Packages, Increase Messaging Bundles (Updated)

AT&T has reduced pricing on PDA Connect plans by $10 across the board.
The Unlimited PDA Connect plan will be reduced to $39.99 per month and
include1500 text messages, the $39.99 PDA Connect plan will go down to $29.99 per month and be capped to 20MB monthly and 1000 text messages. These new pricing plans match Verizon’s existing PDA plan pricing, but also include text messaging.

The MEdia Works bundle will see its messaging bundle raised from 1000
to 1500 messages, and to round it all out MEdia Messaging Extreme and
MEdia Max bundles will have their messaging bundles raised from 3000 to
6000 messages, without additional price increases for the
aforementioned bundles.

Update: In addition, on April 20th, AT&T will roll out new Unlimited messaging bundles. As a standalone add-on, unlimited messaging will be $19.99/month. MEdia Max unlimited will also be rolled out, upgrading from MEdia Max with unlimited messaging, at a cost of $39.99/month.