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9 responses to “AT&T to Launch $60 Unlimited GoPhone Plan on Monday (Updated)”

  1. Don Louie

    Is that a daily access charge?

  2. Christopher Price

    No, because you’re technically on the $.25/minute flat rate plan, there is no daily access charge.

    The unlimited airtime and messaging is a feature pack, just like unlimited messaging. You have to remember to call 611 every 30 days and re-add it.

  3. Don Louie

    Thanks for clearing that up, the rumor was that there would be some type of daily access charge

  4. Alan Lemond

    Quite confusing and misleading.

  5. SAZA

    Yeah, they’re all doing it now. $60/month is probably just an opening offer. Boost is at $50 and WalMart is $45 (on Vz’s network).

  6. Austin Cain

    If you are in the right area and pretty much don’t leave the cellular south area. Cellular South has a decent network and its only $50/month for unlimited Talk and Text. And they include unlimited pics and data on a seperate plan thats $70/month. I don’t work for cellular south, in case anyone thinks that but I am satisfied with the service. Not quite as good as AT&T but still pretty good. It isn’t good enough for me swap back just yet.

  7. Jazmine

    I still don’t seem to understand this $.25 simple plan, so It will be $60 a month plus the $.25 added every 30 days? I’m confused. Can anyone help?

  8. Christopher Price

    No. You sign up for the $.25 Simple Plan, but the monthly add-on overrides the $.25 per minute charge. You never pay the $.25/minute except when you let the add-on lapse.

    AT&T says they did this to let you flex when you want your 30 days of unlimited calling to start and stop. In reality, it was done to make it very difficult for the ordinary customer to keep track of. An non-techie might screw up and not renew the addon by calling 611 every 30 days, and rack up hundreds in $.25/minute billing.

    So, yes, you save a lot of money this way, but the procedure is designed to make it enough of an annoyance to stick with a postpay plan.

  9. Jazmine

    O.k. so if I only pay $60 one month and then I dont pay the next month my plan would turn into the $.25 simple plan. Is this correct?