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6 responses to “AT&T, T-Mobile Announce Unlimited Calling Plans”

  1. John

    FYI – so did Sprint and Verizon

  2. Tmobile Rep

    How does it work?

    All you need is a Tmobile or unlocked phone. You will need to pay an activation fee of $50 plus your first month to get started. We have 2 plans: Unlimited Talk & Text, Internet for $75 a month

    How do you do it so cheap?

    Well what we do is setup a sub account under our business account for you. There is no credit check so you can use your name, makeup a name, or put it in your business name. We will actually receive your tmobile bill. Depending on your plan and minutes used your bill will usually be well over 100 bucks per month. But we work in conjunction with an outside company (owned by Google) that will pay your tmobile bill for you. So we will email you a bill that you can pay online with a debit/credit card or you can mail a check or money order for monthly payments of $75.

    What if the bill is not paid?

    First of all, we have Never had that problem. Second, Google is a billion dollar company and we have a lifetime service agreement for this program. So this is not a promotional package. Once you are signed up, your rate is locked in guaranteed and you are a customer for life!

    Here is the information I need to activate service:


    Type Phone you will use:
    Is internet required?:
    4 digit password:
    Requested Area Code:
    Billing Email Address:

    Tmobile Rep


  3. lARRY

    Sprint’s plan is going to be less than any of this other competitors, their plan is roughly going to start at $60. That’s a deal u can’t beat!!!

  4. 3G

    Thats Fraud and tmobile will never allow it to stay on also sprint is not sure of the $60
    Metro Pcs is the best

  5. jake

    tmobile rep ..856-457-6823…team of john j capriotti and jasmine myers, known scam artist, search and you will find…