AT&T Prepares to Sell the RAZR2 (Updated)

News reports and screenshots are popping up reporting to show AT&T offering the Z9m, a RAZR2 variant for GSM. Those sites are reporting a full retail price of $750, presumably to include heavy discounts to bring it to a more market-palatable level.

Whether or not those rumors prove true, and AT&T is ready to launch the phone, or is in the process of launching, technical information is already being made available on AT&T’s support pages.

AT&T would join Sprint and Verizon Wireless in having launched the RAZR2.

Update: Unfortunately, media reports from other sources have exaggerated this situation. The full retail price for the Motorola V9 RAZR2 will not be $749. This is an inflated number given to corporate customers, in order to artificially inflate the price to adjust for their business discounts. We have previously exposed this troubling activity on the part of AT&T/Cingular.