AT&T Opens AT&T Experience Stores

AT&T has opened the first remodeled Cingular store in Houston,
Texas. The 5000 square foot store is located across from the
Compaq Center and is meant to show customers AT&T’s new vision
of converged services.  

for more pictures and a
video link as well as a detailed description all of the services available at the new store.

A shot of the customer service desk in the store.

The store itself is divided into six stations with a centrally located
Personal Style kiosk that showcases high end accessories for Cingular

The store is divided into the following six stations:

  • AT&T
    The focal point of the store,
    customers will be invited to watch AT&T U-verseSM TV and
    AT&T HomezoneSM service demonstrations on three 52”
    high-definition plasma televisions, test drive both the Web-based and
    wireless remote access feature, experience high definition programming
    and browse an extensive video on demand catalogue in this section.
  • AT&T
    Home Connections:
    Customers will be able to
    browse the Internet, customize AT&T Yahoo! homepage portals,
    and test AT&T Remote Monitoring through a remote camera set up
    in the store via wireless phones.
The Yahoo! Internet Station 
  • Music:
    Customers will be able to listen to XM Satellite
    Radio on wireless phones, Bluetooth headphones, and Bluetooth external
    speakers and also transfer personalized music content via laptop or
    mobile phone. The new iPhone, when it becomes available in the near
    future, will also be showcased at this station.
  • Gaming: Using
    wireless phones, Bluetooth stereo headsets,
    and laptops, personnel will demonstrate game downloading to wireless
    phones and store laptops at this station.
  • Messaging and
    This station will highlight 3G phones
    and Bluetooth accessories and will provide customer interaction with
    multimedia messaging and photo and video sharing capabilities.
  • Laptop
    Mobility, E-mail and Data:
    Geared toward road
    warriors, on-the-go customers, and small business owners, this
    front-of-store station will include wireless phones, PDAs, smartphones,
    GPS, and Bluetooth accessories. Customers will be encouraged to
    interact with e-mail and Microsoft applications across these devices.

There are two more stores opening this year: one in San Antonio, TX and
Atlanta, GA in the month of May. This new store concept is expected to
convince customers to see AT&T as a one stop shop for every
kind of communications service they may need.

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