AT&T Now Prorating ETFs for New and Renewing Customers

On Sunday, AT&T began to prorate ETFs for new and customers that renew service agreements for one or two years by $5 per month for the length of the agreement with the fee beginning at $175. Customers who signed up for service under a one or two year agreement prior to Sunday are still subject to the flat $175 fee.

This comes after the announcement made in March that it would begin to prorate ETFs for customers after Verizon Wireless was the first national carrier to begin the practice, which was designed to ease the financial burden of canceling a service agreement. ETFs have been the source of much contention within and outside of the wireless industry.

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3 responses to “AT&T Now Prorating ETFs for New and Renewing Customers”

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  2. DeeMan

    Way to go AT&T … and to think; it only took you 18 months after Verizon did the same thing to implement this. Once again, way to lead the industry.

  3. Don Louie

    The cards are falling, so far vzw is winning. If I’m not mistaken thier’s ends up as free when the contract is over and the discount is equal to the time left on the contract. T Mobile and Sprint announced what they plan yet hope they don’t exclude non-renewing, even vzw were kind enough to do that