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11 responses to “AT&T Makes Rare Terms of Service Change, Blocks Video Streaming, Creates Early Termination Fee Out (Update)”

  1. Nick

    Apparently, the uproar has caused AT&T to retract this.


  2. Brad65807

    I just looked at the TOS and it does still state:

    ….customer initiated redirection of television or other video or audio signals via any technology from a fixed location to a mobile device, web broadcasting…..

    So is it safe to say i can call and cancel ETF free???

  3. SaltyDawg

    So whats the word… Did they really retract it?

    Phonenews should get a campaign started to take this to the FCC. In fact, phonenews should partner up with the folks at as they already have the resources to take it to the FCC. They were largely responsible for the FCC ruling against Comcast regarding net neutrality.

  4. PhoneEnthusiast

    I was looking at canceling my AT&T data plan using a data card. This was a clincher for me. Recognizing the 5G limit, can I no longer do video chats with family? Can I not stream using Sling? I called AT&T.

    The data card support team said this was to prohibit “limitary”, things like usage in Taxi Cabs . . . ? I could not find this anywhere on the net, so I asked if they would write up an exclusion or clarification for me. This may not work long term, but will at least shield me from any accusation of violating the TOC.

    This is what they wrote for me:
    2. For the Laptop connect services with AT&T the terms and conditions for video sharing with his family or slingbox is not prohibted. In the T&C they are stating that it is prohited to do limitary with the service. As long as the customer does not go over the 5GB package or international traval should not be charged anything addtional.

  5. John

    So can I still cancel w/o fee or no?

  6. SaltyDawg

    Just for my future reference…

    Next time something like this comes up where you can cancel your contract. Do you have to also lose your phone number? Or will they cancel the contract but let you keep service? If they close the account righ tthen, you can’t port it out, right?

    Would it be possible to cancel the contract, keep service, and then get the new customer discount on a new phone for agreeing to a new contract (same plan, same rates, same number)?

  7. John

    I was so ready to get away from ATT for free. Guess I will have tp pay.

  8. JosephD

    I ended up paying the early termination fee and in the end it was worth it just to get rid of the contract. Now I have canceled the contract and good riddance to it, I will never sign a contract for a cell phone again. I decided to get a prepaid Net10 phone instead, I was able to keep my number and I have been very pleasantly surprised to find how much cheaper they are. Long distance and roaming is the same price as local calls and I don’t have to pay any hidden fees. Even if you have the pay the ETF and can’t get it waved I’d say do it and cut your losses because you guys are being cheated.