AT&T Launches V3xx in Gold

AT&T (Cingular) has launched another color for the Motorola
V3xx. The phone can now be had in a tranlucent gold finish similar to
the limited Dolce & Gabana Gold RAZR V3 & V3i. Another
addition to this phone is the inclusion of the Opera web browser but no
further details are provided as to the extent of the browser
capabilities, nor which version it actually is.

The feature set is the same as the V3xx: 2.2 inch 262K QVGA screen, 1.3
megapixel camera and video recorder, microSD expansion, speaker
independent voice recoginition, HSDPA 3.6 support, and Blutetooth 2.0
with A2DP.
The phone retails for $279.99 and drops to $149.99 on a 2 year
agreement with an additional $50 mail in rebate, bringing the total
cost of the phone down to $99.99. The phone is now available on line
and in AT&T Retail Stores.

V3xx Gold

(AT&T Product Page)

Motorola V3xx Gold