AT&T Launches Samsung Impression

ImageAT&T has launched the long-awaited Samsung Impression after its official debut at CTIA last week following weeks of speculation and leaks.

The device features a 3.2 inch AMOLED WQVGA widescreen touch display with haptic feedback on top of featuring TouchWiz support, a sliding QWERTYkeyboard, microSDHC exzpansion slot, Bluetooth with stereo audio support, speakerphone with stereo speakers and CrystalTalk noise cancellation, HTML browser, 3.0 nmegapixel camera with autofocus, video recorder, and geotagging, as well as the full suite of AT&T services.

The phone is available for $399.99 with No Commitment, or $249.99 after new 2 year agreement before an additional $50 mail-in rebate via prepaid Visa card, bringing the total to $199.99.

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3 responses to “AT&T Launches Samsung Impression”

  1. EagleMountainCasinoPorterVille

    looks pretty cool, better than the Blackberry Storm.

  2. qccteck

    it looks really great, almost as good as the iphone 3g. Texting would be really convinient. The only thing i’m concerned about is the touch screen. Is it as responsive as the iphone?

  3. rosemarie

    is this phone able to do mobile email with clearwire?