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7 responses to “AT&T Launches LG eXpo Windows Mobile Projector Phone”

  1. Camren Price

    I am rather excited about the release of the LG Expo however, I am disapointed about it being released to AT&T customers because I have verizon.

  2. Ross Watrous

    AH! LOL, I think this looks amazing, and I havn’t held a cell phone for years now, and i’ve been interested in my friends apple i touch or what ever, they are always amazing me and im always draining there battery playing games on it, but that would seal the deal if i could buy a phone with a projector on it. im just curious about battery time. how fast would that sucker kill the battery? I laughed at the beginning, because for a big company like this, and sites like this you would think they would use spell checker ( I know im a horrible speller, but i’m not a company like this) they wrote it would be “abailable” instead of available. Auctually made me laugh and not use a fake lol.

  3. Frank Sydenham

    It’s a great pity this phone runs the old Windows Mobile operating system, which business users are abandoning.

    I would have much preferred it run the newer Android operating system. I don’t think I could bring myself to use another clunky Windows Mobile phone again.

  4. tushar

    It’s a great pity this phone runs the old Windows Mobile.

    and i want this mobile

  5. Mohd Ahmed (west sac)

    They spell that AVAILABLE with a B

  6. Mohd Ahmed (west sac)

    That’s why iPhone rocks dj hangs with me and saad and waqas said wassup!!!

  7. Kaleem Ashraf

    Hey Wassup guys..what we doing tonight??say wassup to dj