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5 responses to “AT&T Halts Nokia 6650 Sales Nationwide”

  1. Brief: AT&T will stop selling the Nokia 6650 immediately due to problems with the network?

    […] Phone News is claiming that AT&T has put an immediate halt on the sale of the Nokia (NYSE: NOK) 6650 due to a network upgrade that was performed in Florida, and is scheduled to go nation wide, that is decreasing the battery life of the 6650 drastically and even causing units to reboot spontaneously. AT&T is instructing all mobile phone dealers and representatives to ship unsold units back to the Dallas distribution center. No word on what levels of service existing Nokia 6650 users will experience. […]

  2. Jeff

    Any updates on what the “unnamed” network update is?

  3. Jon

    Talk time of the AT&T Nokia 6650 Fold is hideous. Typically less than 1 hour. The phone has a whoppingly big 1.5A hr battery too. AT&T did something bad to this phone. I hope they fix it soon.

  4. Oliver

    I tried to buy the Nokia E71x today and the store manager told me taht he had received an e-mail earlier today instructing him to immediatly stop sales of the E71x (and 2 other Nokia phones, which he did not name).


  5. zach

    Well this is great. My phone just recently started showing all of these symptoms. Since I am still under contract will AT&T get me a new phone for free? Or will I have to spend a few painful hours at their store and spend more money?