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2 responses to “AT&T Announces Sierra Wireless USBConnect Lightning for November 22nd”

  1. Duker

    I would like to see how this compares to a Sprint 4G card that also works on the REVA 3G network. I would guess Sprint would win.

  2. Christopher Price

    Duker, AT&T’s card works with UMTS, EDGE, and GPRS.

    The real issue is AT&T’s local loops are not ready to handle 3.5G speeds. While they can deliver 7.2 mbps to one or two people per tower, when you add in a fraction of the iPhone users in any market… you’ll never hit those speeds consistently.

    Sprint 4G is based on Clearwire’s network, which has T3’s end-to-end, and can actually sustain 7 mbps per connection.