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11 responses to “Apple iSync & New Phones: What Is Needed”

  1. Jumpin_J

    Does Apple make a real effort to update it’s iSync page with new devices? If not, what’s the best way to find out? I’m eager to get the new Sony Ericsson TM506 but I’ve seen nothing saying it’s iSync compatible. Thanks in advance.

  2. JB

    Sony TM506 does not sync with iSync. At least so far it doesn’t

  3. Jools

    The Sony Ericsson TM506 is already iSync-able via an iSync Plugin available from

  4. Private

    Going to buy that phone – looks like a great device – glad to hear there are plugins available – anyone have any problems with the plugins? Works great? Not at all? Messed up?

  5. Creator

    I was using the Feisar plugin for months without issue. I just got a replacement TM506 and it is not recognized by iSync even after reinstalling the plugin.

    Contacted Feisar support, but waiting for a response.

  6. Creator

    I was in contact with Feisar support last evening and they pinned the issue being that the new TM506 has a different firmware ID. The plugin has been updated (not sure if the update is posted to the site) and is working as it should.

  7. Ilya

    Sony Ericsson has a free iSync plugin that works with TM506 available here:

  8. Leeebra

    What about syncing with Mytouch 3g?